Top 10 Promotional Products in Print

Everyone loves to receive a free product, especially if it’s a useful one!  Shelf life of promotional items can be lengthy so you can have your brand in front of your target market for a potentially long time for the small investment of a run of promo items.  We’ve put together a top ten list of cost-effective items that we think your clients would enjoy and see benefit in using – it’s all about giving them that warm, fuzzy feeling! Not forgetting a great return on your investment!

1 – Sticky Notes

Everyone uses sticky notes in a busy office and even at home for reminders and messages – your logo printed on them can keep it top of mind for your client and the people they’re passing them onto!

2 – Note Pads ChristiesNotepad

When your message is a little longer or more in-depth than a quick one on a sticky note, a note pad can come in handy!  Available in a variety of sizes and styles choose an option that suits your target market and budget.  Printing onto a note pad depending on the size allows you to include more detail along with your logo, you could include contact details, imagery, a tagline or a combination of all.

3 – Lolly Boxes

If your business is showcasing at an event, a trade show or conference lolly boxes are a great product to have on your table to pass out to visitors.  If your business sends out orders to clients, throw one in with their order, it’s a little bonus for your client when they receive your goods to get a lolly box enclosed.  The box can be printed in colour with your personalised branding and messages – it’s a little treat to sweeten the purchase!  We provide these empty and you can put whichever lollies suit, we do recommend wrapped lollies to avoid any mess!

4 – Calendars

Calendars are a great seasonal product either before a new year or perhaps at the end of financial year.  There are many options available to suits your branding and budget requirements – if you get your calendar right you’ll receive prime positioning in your client’s eyes for a full year!

5 – Coasters

Coasters are a great low-cost item that are essential when cold drinks are in order!  These can be purchased in bulk and given to local pubs and clubs to get your name out to their clients – a great way for you to gain new business in your local area!

6 – Desk Pads

Desk pads generally have a substantial surface area which allows for lots of advertising space whilst leaving area for your clients to make notes, lists and scribbles!  Tear off desk pads make sure that your business is in prime desk space over and over again!

7 – Stickers of any size!


These full colour stickers can carry your branding and contact details in a vibrant and lasting manner, an ideal item to give to your clients who want to let everyone know that they love doing business with you!

8 – Postcards

Postcards are a good way to communicate with your clients, seasonal offers, competitions and company messages can be printed onto them.  They can be posted or popped into orders.  You could email these message to your clients but would you get lost in the inbox?  By giving a postcard, they have something tangible and bright to read!

9 – Posters

If you’re advertising something exciting or attending a trade show why not make your branding stand out in large format size!  Really get your messages out there!!

10 – Greeting Cards


Everyone dreads getting mail to find bills in the pile, so it’s always a great surprise to find a hand-written greeting card, maybe for a birthday, anniversary, seasonal event or simply a thank you for your patronage – team it up with an incentive for them to spend with you and you have a personalised campaign ready to go!  We can create cards with matching envelopes and have a variety of stocks available.


These are just a few ways that you can have some fun with your marketing budget whilst staying top of mind with your clients!  Talk to the team at Eckersley Group for more information!

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